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Anonymous asked: Your art is amazing, absolutely stunning! do you have any other blogs i can follow?

Thank you for your lovely comments :)

Sadly, this is the only blog I currently have at this time. I am thinking of making another that is non-cetacean related, but I haven’t got anything set up yet.

I’m not dead. Just stifled at the moment. Every time I look at my old art I just wanna burn it all. When I look at my attempts to draw something other than damn whales I wanna burn them too.

I suppose I can blame myself for this, because I cannot get out of this rut when I know I should. I really want to blame someone else for my self-hatred and lack of artistic confidence as well. Because of him I feel everything I draw needs to be perfect, otherwise I should just give up.

If you’re a parent who treats their kids like shit, beat them and scream at them for not drawing anything right the first time then fuck you. Violently. With something sharp and jagged. Because it’s the least you fuckers deserve.

I’m hoping he’s dead, or dying of lung cancer or a rotten liver. I haven’t talked to him in years because I don’t want to listen to his drunken, angry ramblings anymore. I can still smell the alcohol even though I haven’t been near him in a long time.

I got my new family now. My blood relations can go die.



Shit shit shit were flying over the ocean… Really cool but I’m slightly extremely terrified

dude when I was flying from LA to Australia they had a thing on your TV where you could track where your flight was, and when we were over the middle of the pacific I kept thinking of the movie Castaway

They also showed Castaway during the flight and I thought that was kind of a poor movie choice

There’s a video on Youtube of someone filming their in-flight entertainment showing an episode of Air Crash Investigation.

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